Kristen Konicki on David Gilmour

Stained Innocence David Gilmour


Stained Innocence

Pink Floyd – David Gilmour by Mark Lewis

Its not often a painting jumps out and speaks to you. One that wraps your heart in its hands and captures your soul in its colors. I believe that the one that does will be very dear to your heart and soul like this one is to mine.

Stained Innocence may leave you questioning what exactly is behind this stained glass, and what emotions are behind this innocent face. This piece captures so many emotions I cannot even begin to list, I will let you do that for yourselves. However, if you are a fellow Floyd fan I would like to say that you may agree in the fact that this piece screams “About Face.” Everything about this painting gives you the opportunity to embrace the emotion in David’s face, and only his face. It is almost like he is looking through a hole in a wall that he is trapped behind, and there is no way out. Those of you that love him will get that last comment in a heartbeat…

There is something to be said about what you can see in a person’s face when all that you see is ‘the face’, this one…. very “disconnected and dry.” This print could not portray a more vivid picture of the depths of David’s mind. One glance into those piercing blue eyes just shows the dedication and passion that pours out in every masterpiece he creates.

~ Kristen Konicki

Note: Miss Konicki is responsible for the title of the painting “Stained Innocence”

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